MG Appearance Products
Detailer Express Glass Cleaner ECP-21606
This safe & easy to use cleaner dissolves smudges, film, scum, smears, bugs & other soil. Spray & wipe windows, mirrors and glass cleaners. 19oz. cans 12 per case. VOC Compliant
Detailer Express Carpet Spotter ECP-21616
This is a powerful carpet stain & spot remover. Contains strong chemicals to remove stains due to dirt, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, vomit, urine, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks & blood. Contains no solvents. 18oz. cans 12 per case. VOC Compliant
Detailer Express Interior Detailer ECP-216260
This product is specially formulated to gently foam away soil, dirt & stains from velour, cloth, carpet & other similiar surfaces. Will not soak into fabric. Leaves the surface clean & dry. 19oz. cans 12 per case. VOC Compliant
225960 Detail Xpress Interior Detailer
Matte finish protectant that penetrates into polycarbonate leaving a long lasting, waterproof shine. Just spray & walk away.
TEC99410 Work Horse
All purpose cleaner formulated to clean any washable surface fast!
Orange Muscle D-90186
Attacks and loosens dirt, oil, grease, and grime from carpets, cloth, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. Orange muscle is a non-abrasive non-caustic high foaming cleaner that clings to surfaces allowing it to deep clean the dirtiest surfaces. Use to clean convertible and vinyl tops. VOC compliant. 12- 18oz. cans per case.
Diamond Clear Glass D-90200
Professional grade glass cleaner that cleans and polishes in one quick step. Use on glass, mirrors, and windshields. Dries fast and with no streaks. Contains NO ammonia. VOC compliant. 12- 18oz. cans per case.
Futura D-90150
The thick foaming action of FUTURA lifts out and holds dirt and grime in suspension until wiped or vacuumed away. FUTURA saves time and labor. With its pleasing fragrance FUTURA is a welcome part of the detailing process. Powerful cleaning agents. Spot cleaning performance. Dry foam action. Lifts dirt and soil out and holds in suspension. Does not saturate surface. Use on Vinyl and leather trim, upholstery and carpeting, and Headliners. 18 ounce can – 12 cans per case
Ultra Shine D-90305
High gloss silicone spray dressing ideal for all interior and exterior rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim. Instantly restores the appearance of interior trim with an unbeatable gloss and luster. Premium grade silicone spray. UV protectants. Fast drying
Castle Velour Cleaner
It takes a special kind of product to clean the various fabric materials found in today’s automobiles. Castle® Velour™ Rug and Fabric Cleaner has special gentle cleaners that allow for effective cleaning without excessive wetness. The secret is in the relatively dry foam that lifts dirt from fabric, preventing the fabric from being soaked. Available with 360° nozzle.
Castle Streak Proof
Castle® Streak Proof™ is the professional’s first choice for an efficient, non-streaking, and versatile cleaner formulated especially for glass, stainless steel, and metal surfaces. This concentrated, VOC-compliant cleaner contains a special blend of wetting agents, solvents, and soil emulsifying ingredients. It quickly removes films, soils, dirt, grease, fingerprints, and grime with either a squeegee or cloth without streaking or smearing. Streak Proof™ is non-corrosive and will not harm paint, caulking, chrome, steel, or aluminum when used as directed.
Awesome Orange
General purpose cleaner blended from natural citrus extracts and powerful surfactant technology. Removes oil, grease, ink marks, scuff marks, lipstick, crayon marks, smoke film, carbon dust, wax & silicone residue, dirty hand prints, stains and more. Cleans a variety of surfaces with great results. Powerful enough to meet all critical cleaning requirements in most industries, while being safe and environmentally friendly. Net Wt. 20 oz./12 cans per case. BIODEGRADABLE. BODY SHOP SAFE.
Pro Shine
The fast and easy way to shine vinyl and plastic surfaces. Makes automotive trim look new again. Just spray onto surface to be treated. No wiping required. Its quick dry formula produces a clear, moderate gloss coating on interior and exterior surfaces that last for weeks. Will not attract dust. Great for coating hard to reach places like vents, consoles, moldings and dashboards. Cherry fragrance.
TEC99217 Instant Shine
Fifty state compliant formula. Fast drying release agent & conditioning spray for vinyl, rubber, plastic, painted interior & exterior surfaces. High gloss protectant penetrates deep into surfaces.
Quick Shot Body Shop Safe
Gemini D-90357- Body Shop Safe
Convenient, ready to use rubber, vinyl and plastic dressing which leaves an instant high gloss finish. Ideal to use on hard-to reach areas, inside and out. It is a non silicone formula making it suitable for use in body shops. Special high shine formulation. No silicones. Fast drying. Directional spray nozzle 12 -11oz cans per case.
MG Appearance Products