MG Appearance Products
Car Wash Products for the Detailer
ES3 Wash N Wax D-1012
Thick concentrated wash-n-wax. Water sheets off surface. Streak free rinse. Available in 1-Gallon, 5-Gallon, and 55-Gallon sizes.
Super Suds TEC-206
SUPER CONCENTRATE. Formulated thin for hand or automated car washes. Excellent rinsing, lower wipe down time. Great hard water stability, works with metering devices. Rich, long-lasting lather, gloss finish. Biodegradable. Dilute 1:640. Fresh air fragrance. VOC/OTC Compliant. Green Product. Available in 1 Gallon, 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon sizes
Thick & Blue TEC471
SUPER CONCENTRATE. Our thickest formula fortified with grease cutting detergents, foam boosters & water-softening agents. Excellent hard water stability. Use in hard or soft water. Non-toxic. Phosphate free. Biodegradable. Dilute up to 1:640. Cherry fragrance. VOC/OTC Compliant. Green Product. Available in 1 Gallon, 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon sizes
Grape & Glow TEC472
CONCENTRATE. High performance, thick car wash - leaves a “just waxed” look. High gloss. Excellent beading. High sudsing action. Makes for fast drying & quick wipe down time. Works with metering devices. Excellent hard water stability. Rich, long-lasting lather. Biodegradable. Dilute up to 1:200. Grape fragrance. VOC/OTC Compliant. Green Product. Available in 1 Gallon, 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon sizes.
TEC725 Wash n Wax Car Wash
CONCENTRATED. Blend of non-ionic detergents, foam boosters and wax like surface active agents designed to give excellent car washing results, excellent gloss combined with excellent sheeting action. High foaming action. Great hard water stability. Formulated to easily pull through a metering device. Biodegradable. Dilute 1:200. Cherry fragrance.
Shampoo & Wax
High sudsing, biodegradable shampoo cleans and protects the car’s finish while washing. C-48 is a thick concentrate (64:1) formulated to penetrate and lift away dirt and grime, while special wax & polymers enhance deep gloss. Water beads and separates, eliminating water spots and reducing towel drying time. Its pH balanced formula will not harm previously applied wax or sealant. Use on autos, boats, trucks, RV’s, buses and more. Sweet banana fragrance. Available in pint, gallon, 5 & 55 gallon sizes. NON-TOXIC. PHOSPHATE-FREE. NPE-FREE. VOC COMPLIANT.
Truck & Bus Wash
Biodegradable Castle® Truck & Bus Wash is a non-acid wash designed to be used in power sprayers. While strong enough to be diluted up to 80 parts hot water to one part product, it is safe enough to be used full strength. It effectively removes diesel soot marks, bug residue, and mild road film -- leaving a clean, bright finish. Mitting and brushing is cut to a minimum with Castle® Truck & Bus Wash. Formulated with aluminum brighteners, it works with high or low pressure in any water temperature.
Spotless Car Wash
VOC-compliant Finger Lakes Spotless™ Car Wash is a neutral-pH formula car soap safe for polished finishes, metals, and the skin. It is a liquid concentrate designed to create mounds of cleaning suds that penetrate and loosen dirt and grease. Special sheeting action assures rapid, spot-free drying with no residue. One ounce will clean 10 or more cars.
MG Appearance Products