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From The Oceans. For The Oceans!

If nothing is done by 2050, plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish who call it home. Thankfully, Sofidel’s extensive R&D has identified a new and better way to make hand towel and toilet paper dispensers. HyTech Seas dispensers recover a portion of the top cause of ocean plastic waste: fishing nets. 

Sofidel recovers plastic fishing nets from the ocean, then refines and recycles them to create an injectable material. This material is then used to build high-strength HyTech Seas dispensers. Sofidel repurposes one ton of recovered fishing nets for every 484 HyTech Seas hand towel dispensers and every 582 HyTech Seas toilet paper dispensers manufactured. 

HyTech Seas dispensers support Ocean Conservancy, a U.S.-based advocacy non-profit that fights ocean pollution.

HyTech Seas Benefits:

  • HyTech Seas dispensers build a better future for our planet by helping to remove waste from our oceans that negatively impacts fish and mammals who rely on marine habitats. 

  • HyTech Seas dispensers are incredibly durable, providing your facility with a solution that looks great and is built to last.

  • HyTech Seas dispensers have no-touch and high-capacity features to accommodate high-traffic environments. 

  • HyTech Seas dispensers actively promote your organization’s sustainability commitment to customers. 


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Hy Tech Dispensers Are Made From Recycled Ocean Waste

Twin Jumbo Roll 7" Dispenser

Code: 419485

Hardwound No-touch Dispenser

Code: 419484

Hardwound No-touch Free Electronic Dispenser


Roll Towels

Dissolvtech Roll Towels Are FSC Certified

FSC Certification

410112 PAPERNET - 700'x 7.8" 1Ply 6/Cs Kraft

410113 PAPERNET - 700' x 7.8" 1Ply 6/Cs White

410126 DRYTECH - 600' x 7.8" 1Ply 6/Cs White

410791 DISSOLVETECH - 700' x 7.8" 1Ply 6/Cs White

Bath Tissue

410051 DOUBLE LAYER - 750' X 3.4" Doublelayer 12/cs

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