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• Description: Kleenz Oil Flush (C1646) Safe, Effective Way To Internally Clean Engines

• Special Feature: Break Through and Soften Deposits Of Oil, Dirt, and Sludge, No Harm To Seals

• Quality: 16 oz Bottles


• Description: OES (C0847) Maintain Engine Power and Performance, Reducing Internal Engine Friction and Wear

• Special Feature: Helps Motors Run Cooler and Reduce Oil Consumption and Oil Thickening

• Quality: 8oz. Bottle


• Description: Dragon Power (C1638) One-Step Fuel System Cleaner

• Special Feature: Safely and Effectively Removes Deposits From The Entire Fuel System

• Quality: 16 oz Bottle


Kits: 6 To A Case

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  • Castle® Kleenz Oil Flush™ is a safe, effective way to internally clean engines. Its mild formula works to break through and soften deposits of oil, dirt, and sludge. Kleenz Oil Flush™ will not harm seals, and can be used alone, with fluid exchange, or a power flush system.
  • Castle® OES™ , with its unique blend of friction modifiers, dispersants, antioxidants, and extreme pressure lubricants will maintain engine power and performance by reducing internal engine friction and wear. Continued use of OES™ with every oil change, will protect against the formation of harmful sludge, varnish, and valve deposits. This will help the motor run cooler and to reduce oil consumption and oil thickening. The results of using OES™ in the long run will cut down on maintenance cost and less down time for fleets. OES™ is compatible with all synthetic and conventional motor oils.
  • Castle® Dragon Power™: Deposits build up on intake valves, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers. This is a result of the low level of additives that are used in gasoline – even premium unleaded fuels. As these deposits accumulate, vehicle performance deteriorates. Fuel mileage decreases, octane requirements increase and drivability issues develop. This can occur in as little as 15,000 miles. Castle® Dragon Power™ is a one-step fuel system cleaner. It safely and effectively removes deposits from the entire fuel system including fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, intake manifold, and fuel rails. This patented formula is safe for all gasoline engines. Dragon Power™ reduces wear to internally lubricated parts, and is OEM approved. There is no harmful alcohol, kerosene, or other ingredients that would damage any fuel or emission systems components. Dragon Power™ will increase fuel economy, power, and performance. It will also reduce emissions, lower octane requirements, and improve overall drivability.
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