MG Appearance Products
Solvents, Bug & Tar, Tree Sap Removers
Body Solv 2802
Removes exterior tar , wax, and grease. Adhesive remover. Quick remover. Available in 1 Gallon, 5-Gallon
Auto Solv 2801
Ready to use tar, grease, wax, adhesives, cosmoline & silicones. Fast drying body solvent that quickly removes from exterior painted surfaces. Removes oily soils from carpet & upholstery. Available in 1 Gallon
Bug-A-Boo Bug Remover TEC529
CONCENTRATE. Quickly removes bug spatter from bumpers, hoods, roofs, painted, plastic & chrome surfaces. Excellent hard water stability. Phosphate free. Safe for most paint and plastic. Biodegradable. Dilute up to 1:2. Berry fragrance. VOC/OTC Compliant. Green Product Available in 1 Gallon and 5-Gallon
Thinner Wash FPR-5000 Lacquer Thinner
100% Virgin Solvents. For cleaning tools and paint equipment - 5Gal
Tree Sap Remover TEC700
Removes tree sap from painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, glass, molding. Penetrates & softens. Easily wipes away. Excellent hard water stability. Non-toxic. Pine fragrance. Environmentally Friendly. VOC/OTC Compliant.
Remove All Adhesive Remover TEC90
Solvent-based. Removes adhesives, grease & tar. Removes undercoating overspray. Use on vinyl, upholstery & all hard surfaces. Available in 1 Gallon size
Citrus Solvent ECP-TEC525
A powerful D-limonene and odorless mineral spirit based cleaner. Melts or removes tar, dissolves grease, grime & oil deposits from engines. Emulsifies grease & oil. Biodegradable. Non-abrasive. Citrus fragrance.
MG Appearance Products