MG Appearance Products
Tire Dressings
Shine Blaster II
Clear Rubber Dressing
A 3:1 concentrate that makes 4 gallons of RTU, high gloss dressing. Restores the original look to engine compartments, wheel wells, rubber components and more. Sprays on clear with no milky residue. Pleasant cherry fragrance. Available in gallon size. VOC COMPLIANT.
MG Super Shine MG-5623
Universal solvent based dressing for rubber, vinyl & plastic. Reduced fling & wash off. Self leveling & long lasting durability. Leaves high gloss shine. Available in 1 Gallon, 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon sizes.
Centennial D-5741
Solvent based, silicone free. Reduces fish eye look. Durable, Natural. Body Shop Safe. Available in 1 Gallon, and 5-Gallon sizes.
Premium Blue Dressing
This multi-purpose, solvent base dressing utilizes high viscosity silicones to produce a rich, long lasting, high gloss shine on rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces. Formulated with slow dry solvent to provide excellent coverage. Works great on interiors and exteriors. Fresh fruit fragrance. Also available in pint, 5 & 55 gallon sizes. VOC COMPLIANT.
Blue Velvet WB Dressing TEC417
A fourth generation development stemming from Green Sheen & Strawberry Sheen that uses a mixture of water & silicone to create a durable dressing to outshine the rest. Bubble gum fragrance. *Don't forget to order TEC417GUN Blue Velvet Precision Applicator!*
Tire Dressing Red Silicone Free TEC436
CONCENTRATE. Excellent preservative, dressing for tires, engine compartments, weather stripping, rubber, floor mats, bumpers & more. RTU VOC/OTC Compliant
Castle Shine Coating Plus
Castle® Shine Coating+™ is a super high viscosity formula specifically formulated to provide superior coating. Use wherever a high gloss coating is needed. This solvent silicone coating will condition any vinyl or rubber surface fast. Leaves a water-resistant, non-greasy, long-lasting, high-gloss finish.
Bumper Renew
BUMPER RENEW is a thick, clear, wipe on protectant formulated to restore new life and luster to faded rubber and vinyl surfaces. BUMPER RENEW provides protection against the harmful effects of the sun, rain and snow. BUMPER RENEW is a non-flammable formula which is water repellant and detergent resistant.
BUBBLICIOUS is a versatile solvent-based, silicone coating that produces a high-gloss shine and delivers performance and value. BUBBLICIOUS penetrates surfaces to prevent drying, fading, cracking, and hardening of rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces.
Liquid Blue Ice
Premium high gloss exterior dressing designed for use on tires, trim and bumpers. Its water base formula uses high viscosity silicones to provide the coverage, shine and durability of solvent base dressings. Liquid Blue Ice™ sprays on clear and lays down immediately for an instant shine that revitalizes rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces. Dries to a water repellent, non-tacky finish. UV inhibitors help protect against sun damage. May be applied on wet and dry surfaces. Pleasant KookaBerry™ fragrance. VOC COMPLIANT.
Blue Ice Tire & Trim Gel
High gloss, exterior gel dressing designed for use on tires, trim and bumpers. Blue Ice® revitalizes rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces while leaving a rich, high gloss shine. The super thick, gel formula wipes on clear and lays down immediately. Its non-flammable formula dries to a water repellent, non-tacky finish that won't collect dust. Contains UV inhibitors to protect against the sun's harmful rays. Blue Ice® may be applied on both wet and dry surfaces. Safe for all rubber, vinyl and plastic. Pleasant KookaBerry™ fragrance. Available in quart size. VOC COMPLIANT.
Gun for Tire Dressing Delivery
Delivers the product as evenly a solvent based dressing with no waste, no sling & a high gloss. Featuring an adjustable spray tip for any size side wall.
MG Appearance Products