Splendor Cleaner Wax in a Can D-90800
Extremely effective cleaner. Polish, and wax for all types of vehicles and paint types. Quick and easy wipe-on, wipe dry wax which requires no tedious detailing. Non-abrasive and water repellent. Use on chrome and wheel as well.
Spray wax in a can TEC99228
A quick method for adding a ‘Showroom Shine’ with very little effort. Wax your entire vehicle in minutes. Protection, water beading & shine that lasts for weeks. No buffing needed. Will not leave a powder or dust residue on your finish. Fruity fragrance. 16oz. cans 12 per case. VOC Compliant
Invisilube TEC99305
Premium, clear grease fortified with PTFE to resist water, heat & corrosion. 11oz. cans 12 per case. VOC Compliant
Lens Coating TEC99175
Clear non-UV cured aerosol coating designed to protect the headlight after the appearance has been improved; exhibits excellent adhesion, durability an UV resistance while helping to improve the functionality of the restored headlight. Easy to use, simple application. Protects from oxidation. Use after headlight has been restored. 10oz. cans 12 per case. VOC Compliant
Undercoat Rubberized TEC99211
Protects against corrosion, deadens sound. Improves flexibility for extreme heat & cold. Dries quickly. Paintable. 20oz. cans 12 per case. VOC Compliant
Rubber Treatment TEC99215
Protects rubber from drying & becoming brittle. Also ideal for lifting polish marks from trim. Non-silicone. 10.5oz. cans 12 per case. VOC Compliant.


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