Cheater Waxes

Cheater Waxes
Cheater Wax (Drying Aid) D-1506
CHEATER WAX is a concentrated drying aide for both detailers and all types of car washes. Gets rid of the water quick making for less drying time. Leaves a wax like shine to vehicles surfaces. Contains no waxes or silicones.
Quick Strip/Top Gloss D-1531
Fast drying non-streaking rinse and drying agent specifically designed to work with automatic car washes. Quick Strip deposits a
slippery polymer film that allows for an easy spot free blow off. Instant sheeting action.
Super concentrated formulation. Available in 55-Gallon size.
Cherry Sealer Wax D-1546
Highly Concentrated. Quick and easy high gloss finish. Final finish wax with no abrasives. Long lasting protection and shine. Available in 1 Gallon, and 5 Gallon sizes.
Super Beads TEC212
SUPER CONCENTRATE. For automatic car wash or hand applications. Improves gloss, water beading & sheeting action. Excellent hard water stability. Cuts chamois time. Biodegradable. Dilute up to 1:300 as a rinse agent; 1:100 as a hot spray wax. VOC/OTC Compliant. Green Product. Available in 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55-Gallon sizes.
Aqua Glow TEC426
Our latest innovation to cut drying time & protect vehicle! Works on either just rinsed or clean, dry vehicles. Just spray and buff into a high gloss finish. Won’t streak-even with a terry cloth towel & lasts up to (4) months & is very easy to apply. Safe for glass or trim as well. VOC/OTC Compliant. Available in Qt, and Gallon sizes.
Carnuba Spray Wax D-18324
E Z Shine D-4025S


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