Parts & Service Department

Parts and Service Department
TEC99404 - Gasket Adhesive
Net Wt. 9oz
Sets up quickly to hold the heaviest gasket in place for a perfect alignment.
TEC99405 - Gasket Remover
Net Wt. 12 oz.
Makes gasket removal easy and leaves surface clean and ready for a new gasket.
TEC99315 - Brake & Parts Cleaner
Net Wt. 13oz
on-Chlorinated brake cleaner that contains no CFCs VOC compliant and is Ozone friendly. This concentrated solvent blend provides maximum performance.
TEC99201 - Carb & Choke Cleaner
Net Wt. 12oz.
Oxygen sensor safe. Unique impingement & flushing action provides fast cleaning. Dissolves gum and varnish.
TEC99416 - Dry Lube
Net Wt. 13oz.
This lubricant is designed to stop squeaks, sticking and binding. Does not freeze. Made with a blend of silicones and has fast evaporating non-chlorinated solvents.
TEC99200 - Silicone Lube
Net Wt. 10oz.
Waterproof lubricant that eliminates squeaks, insulates, prevents freezing & prolongs battery life.
TEC99203 - Penetrant Lubricant
Net Wt. 12oz.
Penetrates & lubricates, stops rust, corrosion & squeaks. Will not harm rubber, plastics or paints.
Battery Cleaner ECP-TEC99219
Removes dirt, grease & corrosive deposits than can accumulate on battery surface.
Corrosion Preventative ECP-TEC99218
Prevents build up of deposits on terminals that could cause poor contact & reduce current flow.


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