Solvents / Bug & Tar Removers / Tree Sap Remover

Solvents / Bug & Tar Removers / Tree Sap Removers
Body Solv 2802
Removes exterior tar , wax, and grease. Adhesive remover. Quick remover. Available in 1 Gallon, 5-Gallon
Auto Solv 2801
Ready to use tar, grease, wax, adhesives, cosmoline & silicones. Fast drying body solvent that quickly removes from exterior painted surfaces. Removes oily soils from carpet & upholstery. Available in 1 Gallon
Fast Solv 2803
Ready to use body prep solvent that quickly removes tar, wax, adhesives, cosmoline and silicones from exterior painted surfaces as well as removing oily soils from carpet & upholstery. Available in 1 Gallon
Bug-A-Boo Bug Remover TEC529
CONCENTRATE. Quickly removes bug spatter from bumpers, hoods, roofs, painted, plastic & chrome surfaces. Excellent hard water stability. Phosphate free. Safe for most paint and plastic. Biodegradable. Dilute up to 1:2. Berry fragrance. VOC/OTC Compliant. Green Product Available in 1 Gallon and 5-Gallon
Thinner Wash RFP2000 – Lacquer Thinner
Tree Sap Remover 2542
Quickly and safely removes tree sap.Safe for all finishes when use as directed. Not for use on fresh paint. Available in Quart Size.
Tree Sap Remover TEC700
Removes tree sap from painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, glass, molding. Penetrates & softens. Easily wipes away. Excellent hard water stability. Non-toxic. Pine fragrance. Environmentally Friendly. VOC/OTC Compliant.
Remove All Adhesive Remover TEC90
Solvent-based. Removes adhesives, grease & tar. Removes undercoating overspray. Use on vinyl, upholstery & all hard surfaces. Available in 1 Gallon size
Bug & Tar Remover D-2517
Solv-All D-2818
Citrus Solvent ECP-TEC525
A powerful D-limonene and odorless mineral spirit based cleaner. Melts or removes tar, dissolves grease, grime & oil deposits from engines. Emulsifies grease & oil. Biodegradable. Non-abrasive. Citrus fragrance.


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