Acid Rain Cream D-30044
Silicone free. Removes acid rain & water spots. Non abrasive heavy duty compound. Use on all paint finishes. Body shop safe.
Quart 1-Gal.
Clear Coat Cleaner Non-Silicone D-30074
CLEAR COAT CLEANER eliminates light to moderate oxidation scratches and paint imperfections. Medium duty cleaners make this traditional bc/cc pre cleaner excellent for use on all types of paint. CLEAR COAT CLEANER produces less buffer marks than heavy duty compounds, preparing the paint surface for easy final step polishing. Contains no wax or silicone.
Quick Buff D-30084
Light to medium compound. Silicone free. Non abrasive lotion compound. Removes light to medium scratches & oxide. For all paint finishes. Body shop safe.
Quart 1 Gal.
B-Lieve-It D-30214
Body Shop safe. Removes swirls and light scratches. No artificial fillers. For all paint finishes.
Heavy Compound D-32074
Very aggressive compound. Maintains a very high rate of cut with constant pressure. Removes heavy scratches & oxidation with minimal swirling and buffing residue.
Quart 1-Gal.
Medium Compound D-32084
Micro cutting agents for removal of 1200- 2000 sand scratches in all automotive paints. Polishes to a smooth high gloss without swirls and little clean up.
Quart 1-Gal.
Light Compound D-32094
Mild cutting and polishing agents removes scratches and oxidation.
Quart 1-Gal.
S.O.S D-32104
S.O.S removes and polishes away surface - marring problems. Improves the surface and produces a swirl free deep shine. S.O.S removes swirls and spiderwebs.
Quart 1-Gal.
Ultra Glaze D-32114
Foam pad glaze formula for dark & light colored paints. Easier detailing and clean up. Produces deep luster finish. Will not streak, smear or cake up on buffing pads.
Quart 1-Gal.
High Gloss D-32154
Maintains a show car quality finish or bring a gloss back to paint that needs a little help. Intensifies luster on difficult to maintain black & red paint. Can be applied by hand.
Quart 1-Gal.
Black Max D-33084
Very aggressive compound for heavily oxidized or pitted BC/CC finishes. Removes wet sand scratches.
Quart 1-Gal.
Double Duty D-33104
Versatile One Step Cleaner wax. Removes minor scratches, oxidation and leaves a great shine.
Quart 1-Gal.
Sparkle D-33114
Removes swirl marks and leaves a long lasting high gloss finish. Use on any paint or finish type as a final finish wax.
Quart 1-Gal.
One Step Showroom Shine D-35024
One step cleaner wax. Removes scratches and oxidation. Contains Carnauba wax.
Quart 1-Gal.
Carnuba Creme Wax D-35074
CARNAUBA CREAM WAX is a professional formulation that contains mild cleaners, polymers, co-polymers, and Carnauba wax which produce a deep, lustrous shine with excellent water beading and detergent resistant characteristics. Our ultimate final finish wax leaves a long lasting, protective finish.
Challenger D-35084
Cleaner wax with Teflon® Removes light to heavy scratches. Long lasting protection.
Quart 1-Gal.
Express wax. Liquid Carnauba fast wax. Formulated with Teflon®. Shake & go formula. Long lasting shine.
Quart 1-Gal.
Quik Shine D-35144
Non abrasive cleaner wax. Removes light to medium scratches. Ideal for final finish wax.
Quart 1-Gal.
Cherry Wax D-35164
Quick and easy high gloss finish. Final finish wax with no abrasives. Long lasting protection and shine.
Quart 1-Gal.
Excel Paste Wax D-35201
Carnauba paste wax. No abrasives or cleaners. Easy on easy off, long lasting finish.
Show Time D-37044
Paste Wax Premium 13OZ ECP-TEC20
Durable wax containing #1 Carnauba Wax that provides a long lasting shine. Use on fiberglass, automobiles, watercraft, aircraft & more. Leaves no white residue.
Purple Premium Finish Wax 1-G ECP-TEC22
Versatile product that can be used by machine or by hand. This low abrasive product is designed as a final finish fast wax with quick dry time & a great moisture tolerance. Grape fragrance.
Perfect Gallon ECP-TEC418-1
Formulated to be a staple in every body shop. For use on tires & all your rubber & vinyl areas. The silicone free blend is designed to outperform most glycerin & water based silicone emulsion type dressings. Sprayable for easy application & promises the finest gloss & durability. Bubble gum fragrance.
Aqua Glow Gallon ECP-TEC426-1
Our latest innovation to cut drying time & protect vehicle! Works on either just rinsed or clean, dry vehicles. Just spray and buff into a high gloss finish. Won’t streak-even with a terry cloth towel & lasts up to (4) months & is very easy to apply. Safe for glass or trim as well.
Quick Yellow Wax Pint ECP-TEC513-P
Silicone fortified to help restore color & gloss. Provides a protective, durable coating lasting up to 6 months. Banana fragrance.
Green Cutting Cream 1-Gal ECP-TEC514-1
Fast acting cutting compound formulated to remove heavy to medium oxidation, including overspray. Evens color tone & surface imperfections. 1000-1200 grit. Mint fragrance.
One Step Micro Glaze 16oz. ECP-TEC540/3116
A blend of fine waxes, mild cleaning & penetrating agents to condition & seal automotive finishes, base coats & clear coats. Banana fragrance.
Wild Cherry Finish Wax 1-Gal ECP-TEC541-1
Blend of carnauba wax, detergent resistant silicones & polishing agents designed to produce long lasting shine with excellent water resistance. May be applied on all painted surfaces by hand or with an RO polisher. Cherry fragrance.
Medium Cut Compound 1 Gal ECP-TEC556-1
Formulated to clean & polish while removing oxidation & overspray from base & clear coats, lacquer & enamel. 1200-1800 grit.
Blue Fine Cutting Cream 1 Gal ECP-TEC559-1
Fast working cleaner & polish designed to even out color tones, surface imperfections & light oxidation. Removes fine overspray & wetsanding marks up to 1500. Banana/tutti-fruity fragrance.
Perfect Polish ECP-TEC560-1
Micro Glaze Swirl Remover 1Gal ECP-TEC565/32-1
Eliminates scratches & oxidation & buffs to a beautiful luster. Will not smear or swirl black glamour colors. 2000+ grit. Can be used with wool or foam pads or by hand. Strawberry fragrance.
Ultra Finish 16OZ. ECP-TEC590/95-16
A final step product for protecting automotive paint finishes. For use by hand, or with a high speed or orbital buffer. Increases gloss & color depth. Vanilla fragrance.
Super Blue Surface Protector ECP-TEC595-1
Easy on & off application providing a long lasting protection for all chrome & painted areas. Contains durable silicones for excellent surface coverage. Berry fragrance.
Black Cherry Clnr/Glaze 1-Gal ECP-TEC526-1
Non-silicone, oil based cleaner & glaze for removing light oxidation in dark automotive paint finishes. Designed to fill fine scratches, remove minor to moderate paint imperfections & leave an excellent gloss. Cherry fragrance.
Power Cut Compound 1-Gal ECP-TEC527-1
Heavy duty compound formulated to remove acid rain, scratches & sand paper marks down to 1000 grit. Can be used on base coat, clear coat & multi-stage paint finishes. Contains no wax or silicone oils.
White Diamond 1-Gal ECP-TEC528-1
An oil based, non-silicone cleaner & glaze designed to fill fine surface scratches, remove minor to moderate paint imperfections & oxidation on light color automotive paint finishes. Pleasant fragrance.


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